pacman inkee


zipper by hep
zipper, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i did not go on this but i took a pic of it ok.

lol that's awesome. all my pics of my nemesis the zipper are in broad daylight (never rode it)
ja i have a ton of zipper daytime, or "didnt bring a tripod" pix, that when i saw there was a parking lot carnival happening and they had a zipper i was like "we are going". i also hate riding the zipper. my sister loves every ride, and made me ride it with her like 9249283098290382x when we were little (cuz my abuelita would take us to the fair, but not ride any rides so i would be tapped as her partner) and i would go on and then throw up all over her. HATE IT. i am not really a rollercoaster person, but i love taking pics of them
duuuuuude the zipper is not a rollercoaster, it's a torture device! i do not understand why people pay to ride it. i take a pic every time i go to the fair. it taunts me every time.

lol your sister deserves being thrown up on. would she join in the pukefest once you start?
nah she is not a pukechain person, and we throw up an awful lot in my family. she would get all maaaad tho. it wasnt a LOT of throwup, just a little bile. just wipe that shit off!
nice! you take the awesomemest long shutter exposure pics. :)
hehe thanks you! years of thinking about where lights will go and what pattern it will make. plus a tiny, easily carryable tripod is essential!