pacman inkee

fyi guys i got a kidney

t12 got me a kidney so im totally covered. now if only i could figure out how to sew this thing in, i am sure i have a needle and thread around here somewhere! pic by promomag.
no this one is just super similar. the dvd one is the same color, but has a ton of blue hologlitter in it so from different angles it looks the blue sheen of a dvd too.
yeah i was thinking of getting all the microbes and letting them have a party on my kidney
I have a bunch, I like to throw them at people.

I keep ebola at work and make the boys catch it...
awwe, Pascal is the best.

I had the Herpes plushie. Ian gave it to me so he could tell people he gave me Herpes. I threw it away when I recently cleaned out my closet.