pacman inkee


0066 by ttwelve
0066, a photo by ttwelve on Flickr.

today we went to the park for a picnic with all my bffs.

then we decided to do some chemistry

there was mixing and pouring involved

there was spooling and blackboxing involved

there was LOTS of waiting involved, for which yuriy had the patience of a saint

but at the end of the day all that was left was a bunch of memories on film.

and possibly the smell of fixer in the morning

how was your day lj? this was the first time i seriously shot film in about 10+yr, toy camera play nonwithstanding. it was pretty fun and just as sometimes aggravating as i remember it! these are all direct scanned negs, with lots of post to bring them back from the brink of overexposure (shooting 400 in daylight lol) first pic is by t12 as is the shot of me looking at neg strips. let's hear it for chemistry!!

LOVE the second to last with the reflection in the sunglasses.

did you use to shoot in film? i've never shot in film so it's fascinating to me. :)
yes back when i started in photography for college there was really only film because, while digital ccds had been around for awhile, they were CRAZY prohibitively expensive. so when i first worked pro, i shot mostly medium format for several years. film first (fine art portraiture), and then slide (editorial and photojournalism for a studio that shot a lot of stuff for wired, usa today, time, etc). i remember when our studio bought our first digital back for our mamiya, it was over $40K, and we rarely used it because shooting medium format was easier and faster at the time. i can apparently still do b&w dirty dev, in a few weeks we might rent a darkroom and see if my print skills are still up to par (making fine art hand b&w prints was literally my first real photography job in college. p lol)