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0066 by ttwelve
0066, a photo by ttwelve on Flickr.

today we went to the park for a picnic with all my bffs.

then we decided to do some chemistry

there was mixing and pouring involved

there was spooling and blackboxing involved

there was LOTS of waiting involved, for which yuriy had the patience of a saint

but at the end of the day all that was left was a bunch of memories on film.

and possibly the smell of fixer in the morning

how was your day lj? this was the first time i seriously shot film in about 10+yr, toy camera play nonwithstanding. it was pretty fun and just as sometimes aggravating as i remember it! these are all direct scanned negs, with lots of post to bring them back from the brink of overexposure (shooting 400 in daylight lol) first pic is by t12 as is the shot of me looking at neg strips. let's hear it for chemistry!!

I've always wanted to do that, but never did for some reason. How hard is it for a newbie? I've got loads of old film from when I was little and before I was even born that needs processing!
if its black and white it takes about 20mins total, and is super easy. mostly its just getting ahold of the chemicals and a developer chart for the developer you are using + film you are using. that is the only step that is crucial to figure out. the rest you can sort of wing. black and white developing is super forgiving, but i recommend using a few rolls you dont care much about at first hehe.