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Glory Hole

Glory Hole by hep
Glory Hole, a photo by hep on Flickr.

dear lj pals:

my girlfriend demure has entered an internet contest to win the chance to perform vocally in one of her favorite books ever. please go vote for her entry over here:

in return here is this hilarious picture of us trying to finger the whiskeytown gloryhole. all of those things are real things btw. whiskey town, glory hole, and you can finger it if you can get close enough. <3

That's so awesome. I grew up for the first 7 years of my life abour 10 miles from Whiskeytown Lake. We used to drive by the glory hole sometimes. I bet I will dream of French Gulch tonight.
ahaha really? i love whiskeytown lake, even tho apparently it is too cold to fish in according to yuriy. he says the fish are all lazy and won't fight. i really really want to get up there during the winter when the glory hole is actually running. i would probably vomit from scaredness (afraid of water) but it would still be one of the coolest things i ever photographed. however i will NOT be photographing it like this:


growing up i had a ton of family out in shasta so we would roll around the area a ton, but i only realized there was a whiskeytown when i was like 25 and visiting wendy up there, and she filled me in on all the history.
omg you need to take me to whiskeytown soon. plz plz plz!
well, yours was the second post i saw to do this, and the glory hole photo won me over, so i registered and voted.

lemme know if someone doesn't feel like registering and wants my username and pw.