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crabby wave

crabby wave by hep
crabby wave, a photo by hep on Flickr.

while i was off driving forever all weekend, yuriy spent his time fishing. since we had to keep running oceanside (for those not from sf, we live on bayside, the bay side of the bay area, facing the bay. 10 miles away on the other side of the peninsula, it faces the ocean, hence oceanside) i would just drop him off at a pier or fishing spot and he would spend a few hours throwing crab snares and lures.

on saturday he caught one crab, and today he caught a crab and a red tailed surf perch. these crabs are dungeness crab, they are only catchable outside the bay and only keepable over a certain size. he actually caught like 15crabs, but the rest were all too small, so they just got a free lunch and a ride to the surface. next year tiny crabs, next year.

after inspection we cleaned the crabs, boiled them up and had them with lemon and clarified butter. they were amazing and delicious and best of all, while other suckers are paying $7/lb for meat AND shell, we paid $2 for some mackerel bait.

the perch also tasted amazing. yuriy dredged it in flour and fried it up whole after gutting it. even perch skin is delicious, crispy and crunchy with the fried flour.

all in all a successful fishing weekend, enough food to make a delightful dinner for two both nights. as for this week, as yuriy says "who wants to go to work when there are perch and crabs to catch!" hehe!

Oh, the tasty, tasty death... *sigh.* I had a crabcake early last year, so will not be chancing it this year. My allergy forgives me once every few years or so, but the more often I indulge, the faster the reaction sets in and the more severe it is.
oh man be careful! i hear shellfish allergies are terrible!! can you eat imitation crab? i mean, its not the same thng at all and totally gross, but close enough to put on a salad and pretend heh. it's funny, my kids had never had real crab before because they had only ever had imitation crab and thought it was the exact same. so we gave them some and they were all WOW WE LOVE CRAB! ha!!
Yeah, shellfish allergies suck. Worse because it's an adult-onset allergy; I know exactly what I'm missing, and crab was always one of my favourite foods. Imitation ... isn't, really. So every few years I chance a few bites with the Benadryl right on hand; never more often than that, and I stop the moment the itching shows up.
i have a friend who does the same thing. she comes to sf once every few years, brings her epipen and a ton of benadryl, and then we go down to fisherman's wharf and share a crab at one of the dockside stands. if you ever make it to sf we can do the same thing!