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master baiter

master baiter by hep
master baiter, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i sure do love this guy. yuriy's birthday was this past wednesday (the day after my bff nullcherri's which makes birthday season fairly easy. two of my other bffs, abad and pascal, are ajoining days in feb hehe!) and one of the things i got him is this funny fishing hoodie. whats funny is, in the tradition of whenever i have a GREAT idea for a gift for him, he immediately somehow acquires it himself, he had put in a rebate on some pricey fishing gear he bought himself earlier this year, and they sent him a free Abu Garcia hoodie. THE DAY BEFORE I GAVE HIM THIS ONE! luckily for me, the abu garcia one is a little small, and this will become his preferred fishing hoodie (he keeps trying to get me to wear the other one which i am pretty sure i could use as a puptent while camping if i found a couple stakes) so i win anyway NYA NYA!

in other news apparently i am continuing in the grand tradition of cysting up any and all non-essential or secondary organs, (i am 3 for 3 already) and i have (non-acute) appendicitis. eventually i will have to have my appendix out, and if it ruptures i will have no choice about the "whens" of it, but if i can manage the pain and keep on at least 1000cal per day (i kind of quit eating a month ago due to appetite loss and immediately dropped my weight comfort cushion, so the dr says if i continue to lose i get to move into the hospital :( and get on a feeding tube) i can delay the surgery until i have time for the recovery (lol like that will ever happen). so i am trying to find a space in the summer season when i do not have a ton of commitments that require ME there, so roger can take over. (for instance, i am on the graduation dance planning committee which is obvs something that would suck for everyone involved if i tried to make him go for me. but this summer is mostly just a lot of driving which can be handled by any of the warm adult bodies who live in this house) and fyi to all wondering about future scheduling, i have been having some unexplained spleen pain so i am sure i am busy cysting up that organ for next year's go around. so for now it's just managing pain and figuring when i can take 3 weeks off if the worst case surgery scenario comes into play (that would be a full incision, no laparoscopy, full complications from bacteria spilling out of the appendix into the abdominal cavity surgery outcome which would require some weeks in the hospital on an antibiotic drip to make sure infections are kept down) so, thank god not cancer, thank god not a small bowel obstruction, thank god not my kidneys giving me some sort of crazy bladder insanity, just good ol regular appendicitis which apparently a small portion of people can live with their whole lives without even having the appendix out. however mine needs to come out as it is pressing into other organs at this point and hurting me a great deal because of that (tho oddly the inflammation itself doesnt hurt). hope you are all well and dont have hidden appendicitis too! <3


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