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seabowl by hep
seabowl, a photo by hep on Flickr.

hi livejournalers. i am not feeling too talkative as of late, between being too busy to type and in a funk over a bunch of poor test results. until i get some answers i would rather just keep my fretting in my head. to all my new friends, sorry i am going to let you all down post-wise right off the bat, but to make up for it please go read my intro entry which will save you a lot of "who is she talking abouts" later down the line. there are also some other assorted posts tagged with intro that hold some relevant info. we all went bowling recently and obvs i did not bowl but instead shot some bowling alley.

look how sharp my corners are </photonerd>
thanks you! really its seabowl tho, that place is still livin the 70s BIGTIME
You make me want to go bowling.

Also, you gave me an idea for my mom's birthday gift. Thanks!
i am just TOTALLY not a bowler. my brother was a championship bowler (one of the few sports he could do with his physical disabilities) and i got super tired of being beat by him (like double my score the jerk) as a kid. its the same with chess, evan's dad is a ranked chess player and i refuse to ever play chess again cuz he beat me too many times. IM A POOR LOSER OK >:(
awe you are so sweet! i love fisheye because i love NOT having to walk backwards to get everything in the shot. the distortion is just icing on the lazycake jeje!
lolz. I think "lazy" is the last word I would use to describe you ;)

Also, I seriously want to buy prints from you when I have a place that I can hang up such things (my current apartment is all windows and horsehair plaster walls, not so good for artwork).
sometimes i tell the kids that i am so busy BECAUSE i am lazy. like the kid in that one children's book who exercised every day, because in the long run that is less work than carrying around extra weight. i always lol at that part because that is SO me.

i have all prints available for any flickr member to buy, so if you are on flickr you can just order prints straight from them or pick them up at any local walgreens (which is AWESOME). otherwise i can order them for you from my print guy if you dont have a flickr acct and i can mail them to you! i know what you mean about windows, our place is gorgeous with LOTS of windows, but there is barely any wallspace to put tall furniture! I NEED MORE FLOOR TO CEILING BOOKCASES D:
OK, that's hilarious ;)

Ooh, that's fantastic news! I think I have a flickr account, I am off to check!

ROFL. We have 4 floor to ceiling bookcases and we totally need more to fit all our books <3
sorry to hear about your test results :< iirc, you're really on top of that stuff so I can definitely commiserate right now with being in ill health and having the added bullshit of not being clear about how to remedy it. Hopefully your doctors aren't as clueless as mine have always been.

I don't think I knew a lot of that stuff in the intro post.. it's cool you and reg are still together. You don't have to answer this but: is Blake (from Jawbreaker) one of the fathers? That would be pretty much awesome if he is.
lol no we were just friends. evan does have a tiny infant sized tshirt tho handdrawn in sharpie by the band.