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i've been busy, but i'm not dead.

maybe a real post later. for now, i stole this jpg from vxp on irc but it's too amazing not to share with the class.

if you have already seen this, carry on.
brings up the WTC yet leaves out the entire Soviet War in Afghanistan???????????????????

sorry not loving this basic lame infographic maybe by someone obviously 15 yrs old
its american history, not soviet. tho they do leave out a lot like the entirety of trying to regime build in korea and south america (aside from cuba)
It also leaves out the Barbary Wars where the U.S. Navy was dispatched to North Africa to fuck up the locals who wanted them to pay a tribute for safe passage through their waters. In one notable engagement, the USS Enterprise flew British colors as a ruse in order to get close enough to brutalise a local Tripolitan vessel with close-range musket fire.

(Incidentally, a decade before that they signed a treaty with the Bey of Tripoli stating that their country wasn't in any sense founded on the Christian religion and there was no reason for the U.S. to fight with any Muslim nation on religious grounds. Heh.)

Without even getting into more recent history, it's really no surprise that the Muslim world isn't too keen on the United States. There's a good couple of centuries of being dicks in there.
yeah that's what got me- it brought up half of the story re: Afghanistan, leaving out the crucial lead up situation
why not just leave the whole thing out- like it did many other skirmishes?
and my answer to that why is because the creator is obvs 15yrs old
So, let me get this straight: You expected historical accuracy. On the internet. From a JPEG?
cute, but pretty biased, and leaves out volumes. nice that it mentions early u.s. aggression int he philipines which many don't know about... but manages to miss the philbusters, and mid century involvement in S. & central america....

but suggesting the us started the korean war, implying that the atrocities of vietnam war were mostly or even largly u.s. sided, that nva victory was the will of the people is appalling...or that the involvement in Afghanistan is about imperialism, or putting the afgani ppl down etc is similarly redic,

i am no blind fan of fickle, blind and sometimes self interested foreign policy, but this is way over the line.