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zoe said i cannot post this on facebook

so i am posting it here. this is zoe in her new cheerleading uniform for her high school, which coincidentally is my old high school! she has been working hard already on learning routines and cheers. they practice all summer getting ready for the first week of school games, at least 3 days a week, and many weeks it will be a full 5 days. she is so excited, the only reason i can't post this on fb is because some of her friends have me friended, and she does not want pics up until she receives her poms and hairbows. she also said her hair looks bad here, but i cannot see anything wrong with an adorable sbun (recommendation coined this phrase as the name of a side bun). unfortunately i am too busy for a real entry right now, i have a ct scan in 2hr that i need to get ready for. fyi still no answers and at this point i have seen over 20 specialists, had 4 kinds of scans, and talked with three surgeons. it's driving me up the wall. as my pcp said, for most people with unfindable ailments, they come in with pain but no other real symptoms. for me i have an actual physical mass larger than my thumb, but it's in such a weird place where so many organs cross (anterior cul-de-sac and the anterior abdominal wall fyi) that it could really be anything. so, onwards i trudge. hope you are all doing well in lj land.

also please excuse the state of my living room in this jpg. between all the drs appts, zoe's confirmation, her graduation, shooting the grad dance (tmrw!!) cleaning out my aunt's mother in law's house over the last few weeks, and completely redoing the girls bedroom, i have not had time to clean hardly at all. in fact, i currently have two dressers sitting in the middle of my living room. here is hoping that with the end of school, i get a little more free time, or at least take a little less on my plate.
i am catholic in that i was born and raised in the church, but i, personally, became a deist long ago. however we raise the kids up in our church because, its a small town and i cant really NOT do it since my great grandmother named this church and my great grandfather built it. plus tons of the kids do the ccd together (like 20 of the 30 kids in her class) so it becomes another small town semi-social event for the kids. plus eventually if they want to get married in the church (which they might because of our family history with this church) or have their kids baptized or something, its a HUGE pain if you arent already at least baptized and first communioned. i leave the decision of confirmation up to the kids, but so far both zoe and evan have been confirmed, and zoe will probably make her quincy in 2012. also all three of them were altar servers hehe.