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Signal Boost!

my own aside: as i was a young, female competitive skateboarder, this project is very near and dear to my heart. skateboarding is one of the few competitive sports that is entry level for all age and class levels, a skateboard can cost as little as free and you can be just as skilled as someone with a million dollar custom deck. my whole family grew up as skate rats, and it was prize money from winning small local comps that kept me in decent clothing growing up. there were no x games when i was little little, but when they were created i was so excited because finally it seemed like the sports that i identified with were getting serious recognition and respect, and that people recognized that girls could be just as athletic and competitive as boys in these new kinds of legitimized sports. cutting the female vert skate event with no replacement women's skate comp event is a fucking slap in the face to girls everywhere, like my girls who both follow in my skater sneaker prints. i want very much to see this project get made, and i will be looking at my local art crew to help out.

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Help get [info]donutsina6speed's documentary about women in action sports off the ground!


If every person who signed her petition contributed $10, she would reach the project goal! :)

From the site:

The Story

I was inspired by Amelia Brodka's poignant blog post to start a petition about ESPN's decision to remove women's vert skating from this year's X Games. The response I received was overwhelming: a thousand signatures in seven days. Many of the people who signed this petition were women from within the industry.

Female athletes everywhere are calling out for a change. Instead of waiting for someone else to tell their stories, I decided to pick up a camera and do it myself. I will unite their voices and give them and opportunity to speak up. I will make people listen.

I am traveling around the globe (well, most of it) to find and expose the women and girls who are progressing this sport; creating spaces for the next generation of skaters and who work tirelessly behind the scenes. I will interview anyone in the extreme sports industry that is willing to sit still (or walk along with me) for a few minutes.

I want to make it clear that there are female skateboarders so that any little girl who dreams of a life as a pro skater can easily reach positive female role models and look up to them.

The Impact

NO GAMES will focus on the ever-growing presence of female skaters around the world. I want to open a dialogue about the inequalities women face in the skateboarding industry. The documentary will not only encourage more women to pick up a skateboard, but also make the extreme sports industry more inclusive.

If I'm unable to finish my documentary, women lose a valuable platform for their voices. With the lack of TV coverage of women's action sports events, the documentary is an important venue for female athletes to be seen and heard. If NO GAMES doesn't happen, it just continues the cycle of erasure and the myth that women's events are not worth watching.

What We Need & What You Get

$10,000 is the absolute minimum I need to to finish my documentary through post production. The amount raised will go toward travel so that I may interview and film different women around the world who are redefining the skateboarding industry and leading women's progression. I'll be attending different contests to talk to up and coming women in that scene, as well as sitting down to interview professional skaters who are working towards change. I'll be going to several countries in Europe, Japan, Canada, and several US States, spending at least four days in each location to get all the shots and interviews I need, as well as promote the documentary to build support for its release.

I've already paid for my equipment expenses out of my own pocket and spent hours reading reviews and researching each component so that I know I'm able to put out the best work that I can. I also plan on doing some fundraising on my journey to help pay for expenses.

But, I've also set aside some money of my own to give back to everyone that helps make this happen!

Go to the site to see a list of perks you can get if you contribute.

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