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Zane, Zoe the Graduate, and Evan

Zoe Graduate by hep
Zoe Graduate, a photo by hep on Flickr.

today zoe graduated the 8th grade and also went to her first dance with a male date. it was both an incredibly happy and an incredibly sad day. more later, but since we just got done shooting the grad dance for a solid 6hr, this is all you get. now i officially have two high schoolers and one middle schooler!

plz note: the reason zoe is taller than evan is because she has heels on, and the reason that evan's hair is looking like a hippie is because i have not even had 10mins free in the last 2 months to cut it. ITS ON MY LIST OK.
lol funny how that was my first thought too, "damn hep makes beautiful kids!"
Yay for highschool! Zane looks so much older and Zoe is totes grown up looking. Evan is an adorable hippie but his resemblance to you is uncanny in this pic.
does it get easier as they grow older? and can, you know, be reasoned with? PLEASE GIVE ME HOPE.