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zoe and sal

zoe and sal by hep
zoe and sal, a photo by hep on Flickr.

crazy. fucking. busy livejournal. CRAZY! so because i am a bad lj friend (i am trying to comment when i can!) here is a pic of zoe and her date sal at the graduation dance last week. her first "date"!! they have had crushes on each other since like 6th grade, but as two of the shyer kids in the grade (zoe shy? yes she is the shy one out of the three for some variation of shy) they had never done anything about it. sal is a really sweet kid tho, my first clue that he had a crush on zoe was that whenever i helped at the school he always was right there helping me out (aka looking for an excuse to hang out where zoe would be hehe!) it is sad that they are probably going to different schools next year, as he would be an ideal first boyfriend for her (a move she probably wont be ready for until sophmore year. i told you, zoe is shy)

i am still hauling through the pics, and i need to figure out some sort of system to let all the school kids see them online without giving them all access to my flickr acct and 19783478374837 embarrassing photos of our kids hehe! also dealing with summer schooling the kids. i homeschool during the summer and afterschool during the year. summer schooling is a LOT more work and lesson planning tho. however if anyone is interested i have a complex plan for them this summer: zane: biology, algebra, continue learning python. zoe: biology, algebra 2, continue learning python and start into minor app development. evan: trig, calc, physics, and major app development in python. they also do writing stuff and vocab prep for sats with another parent in town and i trade her sciences and maths for her kids. i am also doing a media arts and photography sessions with them, mostly focusing on movie development processes and long exposure techniques this summer. i would be happy to share the resources and plans i am using to teach this summer if anyone else is interested or whatever. hope the start of summer is going well for all of you as well!

also this image is a touch hot. i didn't edit it down, i just threw it up, and it was one of the outtakes, but i like their expressions best here.

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