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skychair by hep
skychair, a photo by hep on Flickr.

yesterday i MEANT to spend all day organizing the dining room after my new furniture purchases. but instead we did this. and this:

a couple of my cousins' mother died on christmas eve this last year, and the youngest of them, my cousin rio, isn't doing so well. he lives with his grandparents in concord and i get the feeling they don't really know what to do with a little kid (he is zane's age almost exactly). for reasons i won't get into here, he can't live with my uncle, his dad, so i might end up with him here for most of the summer. it's funny because growing up all us cousins raised each other, since for the most part our parents were checked out or occupied with other shit that meant that we fell by the wayside. so having him end up here for the summer isn't much of a surprise. and honestly, i already raised 5 of that uncles other kids so this is just par for the course. we took all the kids to the fair til closing last night, and this morning he went off with my uncle to yosemite for a few days. luckily part of our new furniture acquisitions includes a daybed for zoe with a trundle bed underneath so it will be relatively easy to fit him comfortably into the household without forcing him to sleep on the couch (which is always so awkward! "i would like to go to sleep, but you are sitting on my bed watching 'the jersey shore'"....)

hope that all of lj is having a great summer so far (and for those who still have tots in school -- NEENER! jeje!)


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