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Writer's Block: Showing your pride

What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?

srsly people what HAVENT i marched in the street to support. for those playing along at home, i covered the march 2003 antiwar protests for several media orgs, was arrested twice despite having a legit press pass, and irced from jail because back then cops didn't know what "smartphones" were and let us all keep our phones. jail was fun, we played red rover. here is my favorite story from jail (the whole 3hr total that i was there): they gave us balony and cheese sammiches for lunch. the vegetarians were making a big fuss about no veg option, so some of the cops passing out sammiches pulled balony off a few for the veggies. then the vegans were like WHAT ABOUT VEGAN OPTION? (and this is sf, during an antiwar protest. there were a LOT of vegans) and so the cops pulled the balony AND cheese off a couple (leaving the mayo) and tossed them at the vegans. a dick move, but the look on the vegan faces was priceless. (and to be clear, this was just temp holding at pier 27. once people were processed they were either cited and released or sent downtown to real jail where vegan options are available. (this is sf) so it wasn't like they were starving people for their food choices, just making them a bit hungry) anyway, later we sued the city for millions for false arrest of press and gave the money to the aclu and national lawyers guild (for providing free legal to bail us all out). below is a pic of me with my sidekick in front of sf city hall, which i used to direct the online reporting arm of several media outlets, from the streets, during all of the coverage. all of you using smart phones and twitter and whatnot to direct protests and social activism movements? i invented that game bitches. represent.

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