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Writer's Block: Going the distance

Would you uproot your life and move to another city for someone that you love?

san francisco is the one that i love. i will never leave her. however, yuriy DID uproot and move here, leaving his whole life behind, when we first started dating. i will always recognize this huge sacrifice. i am also so glad that he loves this place almost more than i do (physically impossible you see). so neither of us will ever actually leave. we definitely have some plans to go see some places, and live in other places for a short while down the line. but we will always come back to sf. and i will never truly leave it.

I love SF. When I was on my roadtrip...we didn't have time to stop and do anything because boything wanted to stay in Vegas too long, but I DEMANDED that we at least drive through and go over the Golden Gate Bridge. It felt wonderful just being there for a couple minutes.

Also, did you get Yuriy directly from Russia!? How did you guys meet? Was he a mail order? And where can I get one?
yuriy's family came here when he was 14 as russian refugees from latvia. basically right during/after the latvian revolution. so they came here, spent a year in hollywood (not the nice part) before settling in orange county. most of his family is still down there, and a good portion of their community in riga fled here during the same time, and settled in the same area. so he spent the next 10yr in the same area with some of the same people he grew up with, and his large extended family. he is kind of the black sheep of his family tho, which is why we get along so well. i am in the rebel sheep side of the herd in my family as well, tho there are a LOT more of us in my family than his hehe.

we met online through the hack scene. we both hung out trolling similar irc channels, then i started trolling his channels. and it turns out a lot of his friends are my friends, and we had a very similar online social scene, just in slightly different areas. but i kind of hated him for like the first year i knew him and totally was a super dick, trolling him with my friends all the time. eventually we became friends tho. then i broke up with my at the time boyfriend, and went on a camping trip that weekend were we met irl for the first time. (breakup with ex was not related to this, it was just coincidental timing. i had been having "life goal differences issues" with my ex for half a year at that point and finally got tired of dealing with his denial so i ended the relationship.) we basically instantly started dating, from basically the first moment we met irl. then he stayed with me for a week before going home. then i stayed with him for a week instead of going to burningman. then we spent a week apart miserable. then a week later i went to visit for a weekend and he just moved back up with me when i went home. we packed two cars with his stuff he wanted, threw everything else in storage and left. we have never really looked back either.
Good, I'd be happy to see you gypsy but I'd get really sad if you left.