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my room

room by hep
room, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i don't feel like making a real post (typing still hard. it appears that i severed a tendon in my ring finger which has left the last joint of that finger basically paralyzed at this point. the finger next to it sustained serious nerve damage due to the slice it took which causes me to feel intense pain/burning whenever it presses into something. once it heals more i will probably have to see a reconstructive surgeon to fix everything, but until then i have taken to using a claw grip for everything and am impatiently waiting for a robotic hand.) so here is another room tour in that whole house tour thing that i accurately predicted would take me over a year to complete. (for those new friends here, you can see the post of my kitchen as well). i used to live very sparsely in my tiny room, barely bigger than my fullsize bed. then yuriy moved in with an entire second person's worth of stuff. not a LOT of stuff mind you, he kind of also lived like a nomad (here is a pic of his old fight club fridge) but a lot of stuff none the less. since everyone always asks me and i forget to reply because i get the msg on my phone gmail while in line at the supermarket, the quilt we have is the xhilaration star and heart quilt set. personally i love it, it's not overly warm so i can layer fluffy blankets for those super cold nights and just rock the comforter and sheets when it's too hot to think (i am one of those people that HAS to have some blanket weight on them to sleep.) i also usually have a LOT more pics on the bare wall that you see up there to the left, i took it down to change all the images (i do that every year or so) and haven't put the image strips back up yet.

bed, bookshelf, dresser, table. the table is no longer a part of our room. here you can see the dresser with only one forlorn sticker on it.

back then all the children's drawings also fit on one fridge. no longer! here you can see the sticker covered dresser. these two dressers are mostly my stuff. i have all my makeup on top of the one to the right, and jewelry on top of the sticker dresser. to the left at the top of the wall is my livejournal Frank the Goat poster signed by most of the original dev team and brad. i made them do this at a livejournal meetup shortly after bantown or someone claiming to be bantown allegedly hacked fucking everything. getting them to sign it and then demanding a tour of the offices is still one of my finest moments of trolling.

this shows pico in her cage (she is now in the girl's room next to zoe's bed), the pico cam (i used to run a webcam of our bunny) and a trunk i used to use for storage.

now this is yuriy's side of the room. considering that i still work from my bed (crosslegged on the bed is best for typing) or from my desk in the other room, i don't need much workspace inside our bedroom. so he gets the desk, as well as most of this dresser.

here is a closeup of his desk showing all his reels, fishing supplies behind them, his soldering space in front of his monitor, and all the various junk that boys accumulate. next to the intercom is my water bottle and med/crap basket.

this shows his bookshelf next to his desk and also a closeup of the dresser. i keep my nail polish stuff on top of this dresser. dusting this is a huge pain in the ass.

my dresser pre-yuriy proves that there is a time i lived without completely covering every surface. those days are long gone. this shows vim in her cage, rip.

now this space is totally covered. i have two shelf units, one is a wheeled cart that we pull out next to the bed to act as a bedside table when needed. the other is this super adorable painted shelf set that i found somewhere.

wider view shows our dvd/toy wall. hanging on the right closet door is my shoe hanger. hanging on the left closet door is my massive scarf collection. we live in sf, we need scarves ok.

this shows our massive hoodie collection hanging on the back of the door. this is sf, you never, ever, ever, ever leave the house without a hoodie. ever. you think you will be fine, then that brutal summer wind whips a nice batch of fog down on top of your tank top and short set clad self. never ever. tucked beside the dresser is the same bookshelf as always, now it houses my easy access booklist.

here is an old shot of the bookcase and a new shot of the small pullout cart. i kindly edited out my bras hanging on the bedpost <3 in the cart i keep current stuff i am working on, drawing notebooks, pens, current polishes, pen sets, stationary, inspiration stuff, etc. this way i can pull it out to work on stuff on my bed and am able to put it away easily later. my closet is a warzone, i need to put some more shelves in to organize all the boxes of crap that get thrown in there. it is constantly doubling as my "present hiding" closet, and a general chaos spot where i put things i intend on organizing later. this room is tiny, but these images make it seem a lot more cluttered than it feels. each year i get better and better at utilizing the small space we have. the end of summer i am going to redo the entire underbed storage (currently in the motif of "boxes of crap haphazardly stuffed together") and get this place even more smartly used.


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