pacman inkee

zoe in her uniform

zoe in her uniform by hep
zoe in her uniform, a photo by hep on Flickr.

probably a bigger post with more pics later. zoe in her uniform from the cheer showcase tonight. finally i get to post pics publicly on the internet about it! she is getting ready to go to cheer camp on thursday and soooo excited about it. they have been working hard all summer, sometimes 5 days a week for 4hours a day! i am so proud of how great she is doing with all of her responsibilities this summer!

dude what happened to your kid? she looks all teenagerish in this picture

zoe owns <3
i know right? the summer of 9th grade is always the biggest growth time. at the end of 8th they are still little kids, but by the beginning of 9th they are totally teens.
She looks so happy :)
I hope she'll enjoy cheer camp!
I wanted to be a cheerleader so bad when I was 13, I cried when I didn't make the team.