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sunset over hwy 1 north

sunset over hwy 1 north by hep
sunset over hwy 1 north, a photo by hep on Flickr.

hai @ all! welcome new friends! before we jump right in, i recommend you all check out my intro tag and at the very least read my main intro post so you can understand who the hell i am talking about all the time. just go ahead and add 2yr to all of that. you might also want to check out my females i regularly mention post. i really need to do one for all the guys too at some point. done? ok then!

I finished up the Adobe contract last week. for those just joining up, I was shooting on contract (i am a freelance photog) for Adobe at the Photoshop & You Popup Store in downtown sf. a popup store is a relatively new idea of a temporary store space, much like a slightly longer trade show, taking advantage of the rock bottom real estate prices in sf right now, combined with extremely flexible lease options (put it this way, 3yr ago there is no way you could get a 2 month lease on space in union sq, sf (aka the busiest most expensive shopping real estate in town) but now things are much different!) you can still see the website up here along with a bunch of stuff i shot. it was extremely fun, however also totally exhausting. we had both evan and zoe in to intern along with a couple of other of the Adobe people's kids. it was anywhere between 8 and 12hr per day of none stop high paced portraiture EVERY day for over 2 weeks, which i am very good at, but i am NOT good at staying patient for that long with clueless tourists. so it was perfect contract length; over just when it started to get seriously annoying.

however as is the risk with all encompassing contracts: everything else fell by the wayside while it was going on. compounded by the fact that the girls' dad is logging some crazy travel this summer for work (he works as a national media developer for an international org. this means he does photo and video production throughout the us sometimes on a moments notice. they have him flying out after about a day home at least 4x over the summer) which means he hasn't been around much to assist in the childcare. coordinating the children's incredibly complicated summer activity schedule (srsly, the girls work 2days a week at the zoo (on the opposite side of sf as us), zoe has cheer 3-5x per week, evan has marine mammal center in fkn marin, zane has art class, zoe still has gymnastics, evan needs to see his gf once a week (thank god they were able to lunch together most of the time we were working since he was in union sq and her mom teaches at a school right down there), plus like 40 other things that they do on any given week. nutty.) on my phone between shots has been anything but fun. however we made it thru and now both kids have a steller internship on both their work and college apps, and evan has been working on developing a proto portfolio (you can see his photo tumblr over here. its adorable)

immediately on finishing that contract tho i had to pick up my other contracts which were sorely neglected. and after taking a short break from work, etc, i also had to dive back in to getting ready for the start of school. school supply lists sorted, supplies obtained, backpacks rated and chosen, clothing procured. you all know the drill. high school is a giant pain in the butt cuz kids need all sorts of stupid special stuff "ONLY THESE BINDERS!" "ONLY THIS GRAPH PAPER!" way to make my life harder people. there is also burningman to start getting ready in earnest for (yes we are going this year, and we will be camped at 430 and esplanade) which i am both looking forward to and not. i want to hang out with my best friend and pals, but i kind of hate burningman and everything it stands for. plus this is like my 50th time. so im going just to basically hate on everything, but hey, everyone needs a hobby right? anyway. my hand still hurts but is getting better (i severed a tendon in my left ring finger and gave myself nerve damage in my right middle finger due to arm wrestling a washing machine for a broken shot glass and losing. i can no longer fully bend my ring finger and the middle finger is taking its sweet time to heal). other than that life is good but busy. our car is broken right now but we have narrowed it down to one of two things, either the ignition relay or the igniter. i'm gonna swap out both tmrw and see if we can get it perfect again. if that doesn't work i will begrudgingly consign it to the mechanic. i hate giving people money for stuff i know i can fix myself. i fucking love acuras and hondas (same thing), they are both easy to fix and run forever with a little help. it's the only post1970 car i will trust.

Hi, I love your bio from faire_weather's friending meme. Added you. Friends? :)
P.S. The pictures above are lovely! I'm so excited to backread your entries. :)
my biggest advice is invest in a planner of some kind, a mom's planner or make your own. without it you are lost. don't rely on phones because batteries run out, then without it you are *totally* lost! paper calendar for real, phone calendar as backup!
good thing I only have 1 :)) but I will take this advise to heart! (also, google calendar is online and synced with my cell)
yes google calendar is a lifesaver. its not the backup that is the problem. it's like, im halfway to pacifica to drop zoe off at practice and i notice that my phone only has 5% life left. AND it looks like someone kyped the charger out of my car and left it in another one of our cars. then i get there, and the coach comes up and i have to add in 10 events to the calendar, or at least make sure our schedule is clear so i can commit to them. it used to drive me nuts cuz i would be like "sry my phone is dead, i am basically useless until i return to civilization or a phone charger". but now i just add everything to the paper calendar and reconcile it at night with the online ones. high school sucks only in that there is SO MUCH kids have to do by then. so really, i am never (ok rarely) busy with my schedule, it's their stuff that is the killer!
something to look forward to! I'll buy me the biggest calendar I can find once it starts.
Ahhhh I'm so glad my school shopping now consists of me realizing some time in mid-February: "Hmmm, I don't have any more pens" and going upstairs to raid the office supply cabinet. I do miss fresh notebooks, though.

And honey, please tell me you're seeing a physio for that finger. If you were in my city I'd recommend you to mine, but anyway, try to get to one who specializes in hands. They can make all sorts of crazy splints & things to restore your range of motion. Plus, hot wax treatments ftw!
yeah fresh notebooks are the best! we have to buy so many every year because schools use them like CRAZY now. 2 notebooks for every class for every kid means we basically bought out the entire stock of mead 1 subject notebooks hehe!

yes, i am seeing a PT doc, but the hand mri guy says i will probably need surgery to fix where the tendon was severed. the other finger is totally fine, it's just the skin nerves are all jacked up because of the way it was cut and how deep. as soon as that part fully heals it will be a-ok because i have full range of motion, sensitivity (perhaps too much), etc in it. but the ring finger i have no ability to bend the final joint, so i will probably get that surgeried up at some point next winter (they are waiting to see if the tendon just needs more time to heal but it looks pretty cut so that's not very likely)
Ok, well, I expect to hear the gory details if you have surgery because I'm slightly disappointed that I didn't get to have mine done, just because I kinda wanted to watch. I hope you can get it fixed!

That may have been one of the best intro posts I have ever read, I loved it. Your kids are gorgeous and wow do they look like you. You have some very strong genes there!
thanks you! yeah, they definitely take after me, which is funny because when they were really young i totally didn't see it. but then again i didn't see how much i looked like my mom until i saw pictures of her as a young girl and it was straight up my face, sans freckles, staring right back at me. genetics, who knew! hehe
i fucking love acuras and hondas (same thing), they are both easy to fix and run forever with a little help. it's the only post1970 car i will trust.

I agree. I loved the '88 accord that my mom has.

I'd add Toyotas in there as well.

high school is a giant pain in the butt cuz kids need all sorts of stupid special stuff "ONLY THESE BINDERS!" "ONLY THIS GRAPH PAPER!" way to make my life harder people.

I never understood it either -- I used a decent amount of graph paper, but I pretty much never used any of the other crap that they _made_ me get and graded me on at the beginning of the year.

I'm sure the teachers are getting kickbacks.

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I read all your intro posts and really related to one in particular. It was super fun to see you at the Adobe thingie, thanks again for staying late for us.
Awesome photos. I looooove the sunset one.