pacman inkee


pico by hep
pico, a photo by hep on Flickr.

zoe's rabbit pico died this morning. this is my favorite picture of her. i can't even look at them without bawling. zoe is also taking it SUPER hard which is breaking my heart. rip pico we all loved you so much.

oh no bb, i'm sorry :(

sending all of you best wishes and big hugs.
I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*
:( So sorry about your loss. What a beautiful bunny Pico was.
oh no! that is such a darling picture too.

RIP Pico. <3 <3 <3
I'm so sorry. I lost my cat last year and it was so very hard. I really sympathize with you and Zoe. Pico looks like a sweetie ♥
A good friend of mine recently lost their rabbit this week too. Condolences and gratitude for having given the animal clearly such a well-loved home.
My sympathies for your loss. She was a beautiful bunny and obviously well-loved.