pacman inkee

sundragon - old burningman photo

sundragon by hep
sundragon, a photo by hep on Flickr.

thank you for all the condolences for the passing of pico yesterday. it was a sad day but we all shared our pico memories and buried her under zoe's tree in the yard. she will always be with us that way.

yura and i are heading to burningman in a few moments. i will miss you internet, but let's not lie, i am sure i will find a way to you from the playa. if others are heading out, we are camped with orbital, which is a subcamp of fandango at 4pm and esplanade. be sure and stop by to say hi! see you in a week internet!

So sorry about Pico. :( It is good to have a memorial for our animals.

Do have fun at burningman! I like the photo. :)
That's a nice memorial. We always had memorials for lost pets when I was growing up, and a nice little cemetery that I'd visit. RIP, Pico.

Have a good trip!
My friend Judy is at 4 and Esplanade! She's a short chick with green hair that is shaved on the sides and has wings tattood on her head.
I'm so sorry about Pico.

Have fun at Burningman. I've never been but I hear it's amazing.
That is an amazing photo. Enjoy your time :)
So sorry about Pico <3 :( that is a lovely photo, is it a snake or an Eastern dragon?
Is that the serpent mother from 05?

Also, have a great time. Say hello to any kiwis you see there, I probably know them.
Oh, I haven;t been on here and didn't know; I'm so sorry. The way you said good bye sounds so sweet.

Have a good vacation.
I didn't know about Pico. I'm really sorry.

Have fun!
depends on the year. this year highs were like 95-100 most days. some years its 117 most days. some years its 80 most days. just depends on the weather at the time. really the dust storms are worse than the heat. thank god this was a low dust storm year (tho HIGH dust year sadface)