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burning man post #1 - the trojan horse

trojan horse by hep
trojan horse, a photo by hep on Flickr.

whats up lj. yura and i are back from burningman, finally, after spending almost 24hr attempting to travel what is usually a 6hr drive. between a long rv slowed Exodus (the name for the long trip back out of Gerlach, NV to Reno, usually hampered by RVs who can only do 40mph on a hwy where the speed limit is 70), an accident on I-80 that shut down the freeway for 2hr, and just generally being exhausted after a week in the desert that had us renting a room in Reno at a swanky hotel, it was a long and perilous journey. I shot over 1500 photos at bm which I have edited down to 60 (and let's be honest, i just got tired of editing. so if there is anything you saw me shoot that you wanted to see, you should probably nudge me about it so i get off my butt). I have decided to cut these up into a couple posts on LJ about my favorite art pieces.

one of my favorite pieces was the 28 ton trojan horse that was on the edge of the playa. sometime on thursday evening someone or someones scaled up the sides of the horse and attached an orange and pink striped unicorn horn to its head.

too funny. huge crowds showed up friday evening to the trojan horse burn. a large crowd towed the horse across the playa to the burn site with giant ropes. once in place the crowds partied into the late evening in a debaucherous artcar lit festival.

as midnight fell and the party reached its peak, several people dressed as ancient greek gods of fire showed up and shot the horse with a fire tipped arrow, which started the beginning of a fabulous fireworks show. thousands were gathered to dance and celebrate the end of the evening.

eventually the fireworks ended and the horse burned on into the evening. when we passed back through at 5am on our way back to camp from dubstep hell we saw people still sitting surrounding the smoldering embers, chatting on into the evening with friends and strangers.

i only wish i had had a chance to see the inside and photograph it before the horse burned. however black rock city is exceptionally full of interesting things to see and do, and we were just unable to find a point when the horse was empty enough for us to visit the interior while we had time and leisure to do so. props to the builders tho, it was a truly impressive beast and absolutely felt true to the sense of the original trojan horse.

if you get bored & want to visit a hospital in reno, just let me know. a seattle friend of mine is battling a life-or-death DVT that he collapsed from at burningman. :(
oh no thats terrible! another friend of mine who was pondering going up to the last minute, decided not to and got extremely ill while it was going on. whats with this time of year and random hidden illness striking? (i put off my own surgery to go hoping that i wouldn't be one of the ones stricken. good luck for me that i wasn't in that same boat too!)
on a brighter note, i really love the trojan pony pics
Thanks for that link! I've never been but I always thought it would be really chaotic and disorganized. Apparently not haha
I would have loved to have gone to this. Thank you for the photos.
Amazing picture of the burning horse. Wow!

I have no idea about Burning Man aside from hearing rumors about people trading drugs and food. Is the horse something that happens every year?
Thanks - these are the first photos I've seen from this years burn (although I haven't been looking too hard, because I get all nostalgic for the one time I went in 2008).
Looking forward to seeing all your photos. Hope you got to check out our Ouroboros out in the circle of region effigies. Sounds like you had a pretty good time out there?
Wow! The picture with the horse and the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! I can't stop looking at these pictures.
My brother in law just got back yesterday and he arrived home with 4 brand new beach cruisers (one with a baby carrier!) some family from Australia had bought to cruise around Burning Man in, but obviously could not fly home with them so they just gave them to him.
I've never been, but I'd be down for a day or two one of these years.
Wow,these pictures are absolutely beautiful. I would have loved to be there.