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zopo by hep
zopo, a photo by hep on Flickr.

so i will still be doing memes. i am appalled and upset about the workings of this country this week, but i am unable to speak coherently on those topics until i am in a little less pain and a little clearer headspace. so until then, there is this. Pick however many you want, leave the numbers in the comments, and I'll answer it, if it applies to me. :)

1. Sexual orientation
2. What I'm really bad at
3. The one person whose arms I'd like to be in
4. My best first date
5. A description of my self-esteem
6. Who my best friends are
7. My favorite book
8. Biggest turn offs
9. A description of my best friend
10. My favorite animal
11. Someone I miss
12. The reason behind my last break up
13. What I did yesterday
14. What my greatest achievements are
15. A description of the person I dislike the most
16. My favorite songs right now
17. How my last kiss went down
18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex
19. All of the pets I've ever had
20. Favorite flavor of ice cream
21. The one place I want to be right now
22. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me
23. Where I have lived before
24. I'll love you if...
25. What are my future plans
26. An internal conflict I have with myself
27. What I'm doing tomorrow
28. What I want to be when I get older
29. Most embarrassing moment
30. Two of my insecurities
31. What I would do if I won the lottery
32. A description of the boy I like
33. What I love most about myself
34. My biggest pet peeves
35. What bands I've seen live
36. Who my best friends are (duplicate of #6)
37. How many kids I want in the future
38. My idea of a perfect date
39. What I'm really good at
40. Most traumatic experience
41. Where I would like to live
42. The nicest thing anyone's ever said to me
43. Do I like where I am right now?
44. What I can hear right now
45. My relationship with my sibling(s)
46. All of the pets I've ever had (duplicate of #19)
47. My biggest worry currently
48. Something I've wished for repeatedly
49. My relationship with my parents
50. What words make me the best about myself (huh?)
51. Something I should have said a long time ago
52. What my last text message says
53. What I hate most about myself
54. Biggest turn ons
55. What words upset me the most
56. What I hate/d the most about school

37. How many kids I want in the future: i used to think zero, because i am sooooo close to the finish line. but now i might be open to the idea of one more. sometimes we talk about it, neither of us is ready anytime soon, and there is a lot i want to do still. but maybe within 5yr or something, i might be open to the idea.

47. My biggest worry currently WELL ITS NOT A LUMP IN MY STOMACH ANYMORE WOOHOOOOOO!!!! i have two worries, that the palestine statehood vote will not go well and will make me super depressed, and how zoe and evan are handling the new harder stresses of school this year (zane is doing flawless and better than ever in all subjects, and socially, so i am totes not worried about her). it's a way harder year for both of them, zoe has SO MUCH extra stuff to do with cheerleading on top of actual hard college prep expectations of her classes (she is in a lot of ap prep classes) i know she can do it smartswise, but i worry that it's stressing her out and she will burn out. with evan, junior year is suddenly like 10x harder than previous years because it's the harder classes, all AP, and it's the year you have to do best because usually it's the last full year on your report card when you apply for colleges. his classes this year are HARD, and i don't want him feeling over pressurized or to get burned out. i worry a lot about burn out basically.

51. Something I should have said a long time ago: i don't have a really good answer for this one. i am pretty sure when you look up hep in the e-dictionary, under my picture it says "impossible to keep from speaking her mind". perhaps sorry to a lot of people. i used to be a big jerk, and there are some apologies i should probably make if i can find some of those people.
37 - plus side of being a young mom i guess! your kids are cool, i wouldn't mind there being more of them, but then again i don't have to feed them and listen to them bicker lol

47 - i'm so glad they didn't find a giant tumor or some other shit, lol even your body is a troll. i can see how zane would be the one you'd worry least about, the older 2 seem like sensitive types whereas zane is like a hurricane. yay that rhymes!

51 - true dat, i like how i can always trust you to be straight up and not a two faced bitch