pacman inkee

tiny and yura

tiny peers out of her hiding spot by hep
tiny peers out of her hiding spot, a photo by hep on Flickr.

hopefully by the end of the week i will be back up to regular posting and being able to work. which work will be very happy about because i am perpetually behind. so far all i am capable of taking pictures of is my cats and my significant others. this is the kitten mauser, otherwise affectionately known as tiny, peering out from her "it's too hot!" hiding spot under my bookshelf.

i also took this picture of yuriy tonight because his hair was looking so nice. he has better hair than i do at the moment! i can barely reach up (it stretches my abdominal muscles which is like instant deathpain currently) so washing my hair has been somewhat of a half assed measure lately. thank god for dry shampoo spray!

CRAZY heavy flow that lasted for 10 days, then 10-14 of spotting, then heavy flow again. Oh, and if not bleeding or spotting, just discharge like I was ovulating all the time. Two pairs of panties a day got REAL annoying.

Plus OMFG cramping like all the time. I could tell you at any given moment exactly where that sucker was. My body apparently enjoyed having something to clamp onto.

I totally assumed that removal would be a huge big deal, thankfully it was not.a.thing at all!