pacman inkee

Writer's Block: Internet addictions

Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

i am straight up hooked on the crack that is pinterest. lets be friends over there k? but for real, i have so much inspiration and great ideas just from chilling on there a month. halloween party plans done, xmas gifts for everyone planned out and already started, problem reading corner in the living room solved, piano outside on a tarp ready to be painted tiffany's blue! super excited!
I have been on pinterest for a bit (adding you now :D) and I've already started a few projects from it (made a few fail recipes, too, oh well, lol) and actually started something today inspired from another project that I'm going to put on my public blog later. /dances IT'S CRACK!
it is the coolest but you will no longer have free time afterwards.
It's ok that site is awesome and I needed to knit myself a new ceiling fan anyway...

it's like facebook's reshare feature, but specifically for crafts, diy, style, etc. it's AMAZING. srsly amazing. good luck having free time after this!
I just added you on Pinterest! (Rachelle Pfeifer) I am loving it too.
I was just cracking out on Pinterest omg. I have yet to start it in earnest but as soon as I do I will add you :D Glad you are up & at em.
I wanted to join but apparently you need an invite...they put me on a "waiting list" now *pouts*
It does look awesome though!
ok, you tipped me over, I requested an invite. friending pending. (hey hey)