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Writer's Block: Share and tell

Did you meet your significant other or best friend on LiveJournal? Tell us your story!

i met my significant other on irc. by trolling his channels specifically, until he couldn't resist my witty ddos charm anymore and had to fall in love with me. then i got him to meet me irl on our social groups annual camping trip, where we basically immediately started dating from the first second we saw each other. from that second i knew he was someone i could love forever. about a month and a half later he moved from orange county to live with me in sf and we have never regretted a second.

i met my bff on lj!! we were in the same troll groups for forever and at some point added each other. i never read my flist tho for like 4yr so i didn't even know we lived in the same area until like 2005. then i realized we lived like 5miles apart and we basically commenced "operation hang out every day" until she moved to the horrible east bay >:( THERE I SAID IT! THE EAST BAY TOOK MY BFF AWAY o/~ (to the tune of the kkk took my baby away). now we see each other once a month if we are lucky, but really that is far more to do with mutual business than proximity.

haha, me & my dude met on irc too. we trolled each other. i thought he hated me until he basically confessed his love for me. he's like the boy who pulls the girl's pigtails because he likes her.
How cute are you? Wow. <3

I don't even think they had the internet when I met my husband!
I met Dr Wheel on World of Warcraft (oh the shame), and then we had a friendship through LJ for several years while he lived in Christchurch before I finally convinced him he should live here. Then he lived here for about a year before we looked at each other one day and went "Waaaaiitt.."

Rest is history.

Your man is pretty.
IRC!!! Awesome :) I loved IRC. That's pretty hilarious that you just followed him around. So sorry about the East Bay taking your BFF away. Stupid East Bay. :P
Ramones reference! And LJ-love. Troll love is the best kind of love, there was quite a bit of trolling involved before me and Lil became a couple.

just kidding. yuri's eyes are phenomenal.
LOL that's how I explain how I ended up in the US! "we (now-ex-huzz and I) met on mIRC!" and people are like...uh, what's that? it's like a secret handshake. I miss good ole mIRC. and mr yuriy is a fine fine man.