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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

sunrise before the storm

sunrise before the storm by hep
sunrise before the storm, a photo by hep on Flickr.

hello new friends! as always i have a lot of intro info under my intro tag but the most important and relevant entry is here. i highly recommend you read it so you know wtf is going on around these here parts. add 2 yr and 3 cats to that mix, but everything else is still pretty much the same. something else recent you should know are that i just had surgery 3 weeks ago to explore and remove a strange mass found inside me, that turned out to be scar tissue from a loose stone (i have/had both kidney and gallstones and i had my gallbladder removed 8yr ago which is probably when the stone got lost).

this has been a busy week! also hot. but of course, this is sf hot, which means like 85. since we all know what a whiner i get when temps top 70 you can probably guess my energy levels. when it gets hot i also tend to lose my appetite and go on food strike until things return to normal. which will hopefully be soon. sf only gets nice weather for 2 weeks in the summer and thru october. it's been gorgeous lately altho it was storming last week (hence the top photo. that is the view from our living room and kitchen. i <3 the bay. that is also the pier yuriy fishes from sometimes).

this weekend is going to be crazy busy. tomorrow we are hitting up the farmers market then doing some much needed work outside. i also have to finish putting together our ofrenda, it's almost complete but i want small stuff like a packet of cigarillos and a small bottle of tequila for my grandpa and some fancy nail polish for my grandmother. i also have to still make like 100 tissue paper marigolds and 500 yarn poms for garland. my goal is to have it done being decorated by this weekend so i don't have to worry about it once things get more busy closer to halloween.

then on sunday we are going to get up at 5am to beat the rush for the half moon bay pumpkin fest which is one of my favorite local halloween events. then in the afternoon is the zoo end of season work party for zoo workers, so the girls will have to go to that. they are going to be exhausted by sunday night for sure.

as halloween comes that means it is also almost dia de los muertos. mixcoatl down on 24th street now has sugar skulls and paper marigolds in stock, so if you need to stock up i highly recommend you do so there. 3201 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 next weekend we will be having a party to make our own homemade sugar skulls, but i love the ones from mixcoatl because it's not just packed sugar with meringue and royal icing. they are seriously gorgeous little works of art, and kids love them.

this year i am going to work with the marigold project shooting the sf parade and celebration in garfield park. i am excited but it's going to mean lens choice is important. i need to put together a better, smaller, strobist style light kit that i can easily carry with my paralyzed finger (i cut my left hand up real bad several months back and one finger no longer moves. it makes holding heavy shit difficult), my current light kit is like 5 million lbs and i can't carry that + my bag reliably in one trip. i want some offboard flash units and a monopole so i can throw out like 1/64th light from 45 degrees to one side to get some depth. thats going to have to wait until my current round of invoicing goes thru tho, which is a pain in the ass cuz i am maximally busy and never have time to invoice. i need more interns.

i have a lot more work coming up as we get closer to xmas. i dunno why i do this to myself every year. i might even be working on contract in NYC for two weeks right before xmas. nyc people i will let you know how that goes, i am not totally sure i want to take it yet because my home and local work committments are CRAZY right before xmas. plus i hate traveling. plus i get MASSIVELY homesick. plus we host a 50+ person xmas party every xmas eve. I JUST DONT KNOW OK. how was your week lj?

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