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breakfast by hep
breakfast, a photo by hep on Flickr.

one of my favorite parts of fall is eating booberry and frankenberry cereals for breakfast for the whole month of october. i am not a big fan of count chocula because i hate chocolate (bad chicano) but yoshio and the girls love it so more for them right? as for me, give me a double order of marshmallows and i will be a happy camper. it brings back memories of being a little kid and getting ONE BOX OF MARSHMALLOW CEREAL ALL FOR MYSELF. like pretty much the high point of my year as a kid.

i have been hard at work crafting up a storm of xmas presents to be on target with my whole "be done with xmas gift prep by kthxgiving" goal for this year. today i needle felted this little sugar skull to use up some odds and ends of felt roving that i had tucked away. he is super cute. i put him on the ofrenda with the real sugar skulls and he looks just like them!

i am planning on needlefelting pretty much everyone something this year. it's my goal to give everyone a small felt thing tied into their gift wrapping bows. or maybe holding their tags? either way i need to make like 50+ small felt creations on top of making a ton of presents. it gives me something small to do in between waiting for the kids to get out of practice, or waiting for games to start. needle point is too much of a strain on my eyes, and knitting/crocheting doesn't work for me because often the work gets pulled out from rolling around in my bag with everything else i carry. needle felting can be packed down to a small bag of felt roving and a 6x6 pad that tucks away like a book.

i will need to pick up an extra set of needles for zane and some more roving sometime this week tho. if anyone wants to go over to imagiknit with me let me know! i like having someone with me to reality check me on colors, otherwise i end up going home with a skein of magenta roving and then no idea what to use it on for months. i should probably finish drafting out my idea list and make a matrix of colors i will need to have on hand, especially bulk colors. yes, not only do i have lists and spreadsheets for xmas, but i have complicated algebra specifically for determining color spread on craft projects. this is because i am a nerd. plz be advzed.

in all the busy-ness this weekend (and it was seriously busy as all of the other adults in this house were sick or otherwise engaged all weekend) i got to spend some time over at ninjalie's place playing with their foster kittens. they do aspca kitten fostering several times a year, and it's a great way to get a kitten fix and help socialize some little balls of fur at the same time. i photographed this set of adorable kittens, both of which are available for adoption in the sf bay area!

i shot these very bluely white balanced, but there is one grey and white kitten and one very pale orange tabbyish kitten. both will perhaps be longhair? the grey and white kitty is still in that tiny adorable stage where she can barely hold her head up. the orange tabby is more rambunctious, constantly attempting to get himself into a curious cat ending in a variety of ridiculous ways.

look at that tiny face!

Awww, cute kittens!!! And whoa- that felted skull *totally* looks like the candy ones. But better! Awesome.
Yay! I'm so happy you got good pictures of them, its hard to have so many kittens go through my home and not keep them all. Having a goo picture is super meaningful and I try to keep records of them! <3
this post is so cute! I want those needlefelted skulls!
Aw. Aww. Awww. Awww.

Kitten love is love. If I lived in the SF bay area, I'd take one of them.
That kitten is soooooo cute! I was Count Chocula all the way, but Boo Berry was a good second choice. Couldn't handle Frankenberry.
I need to learn how to do this felting thing. I saw all your pins on Pinterest and they are SO EFFING CUTE!

I really want to be a kitten fosterer... Kittens are the best. Then they grow up. I wish they'd stay kittens forever! They can when I foster them! I just need a bigger place and less older cats. And not a toddler. And a house I own. And and and and... But yeah. KITTENS!!!
when i am out there, we should go shopping for craft supplies! idk if i am bringing any needles or anything, but i will probs want to knit SOMETHING while i am there.
I love needle felting so much. I have been picking mine up again in hopes that the kid will finally LRN2FKNG SLEEP PLZ KTHX and I will have some more time for it. In fact your pins inspired me and I am felting a sugar skull myself (Slightly less teeny than yours) :)

I love your nerdy craft algebra...but there is a large part of my brain screaming NO!!! NO MATH!!! BUY ALL THE COLORS! FELT ALL THE THINGS!!!!!