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zoe homecoming

zoe homecoming by hep
zoe homecoming, a photo by hep on Flickr.

zoe is headed to homecoming this evening. her first real high school formal. as she is a freshman, she is going with a group of girls. i love her dress. tasteful, elegant, comfortable and easy to match makeup to. all the things i look for in quality formal wear. hate her shoes tho, with those on she has like 7inches on me at this point >:(

please ignore the state of my yard. it's been a busy fall so far, and we have a lot of bikes. building a bike shed has been on my to-do list since LAST september. here is hoping she has a fun, drama free night! they really do grow up so quick.

Beautiful girl <3
her dress is really classy and tasteful, too. I like how she's not wearing a tiara or covered head to toe in glitter body spray.
thank you! yeah i like that her dress is a little grownup without being too grown up, you know?
I'm really in love with that dress. And the flower in her hair. I hope she has a fantastic time!
V. pretty!

(And BTW, I think Bobby's cousin goes to the same high school as your kids. Which would be quite a coincidence, considering I know a total of three people in California. Her name's Slonne; she's probably a freshman or sophomore.)
omggg small world! (i deleted the other comments to protect the privacy of teenagers <3) she should say hi to zoe! i will ask zoe if she knows any slonne's!
Love the dress! And I think I also like what I can see of that blue bike in the last pic, lol.
man now im lolling at your icon thinking of sheldon the other week going "bazinga PUNK now we're even!" also thx! that bike is p nice, it's yuriy's racing fixie. his geared racing bike is amazing tho.
I like yards like yours. Especially when they're covered in bikes.

Zoe looks beautiful. Duh.
She looks very pretty,and the dress is definitely beautiful.
I hope she had an awesome night.