pacman inkee

lighting test

lighting test by hep
lighting test, a photo by hep on Flickr.

my hair is getting pretty long again. i cut 6 inches off a couple months ago. shot this for a lighting test before taking pictures of my cat today. yes i am the kind of person who sets up lights to take pictures of my cat. in my defense, i needed to set up and break down my lighting rig to time myself, but still. we all know it was REALLY to take pictures of the cat.

<3 grep

Maybe I need someone to follow me around with a lighting rig so I stop looking like crap in my pics.
that couch is awesome. and great pics of course. you should post more pics of yourself btw
The people from Sears photo are always dropping off flyers where I work. When a lady suggested I get photos of my kids, I told her, "I don't have any kids. Can I bring my cat? He's very handsome."

She thought I was joking.
I watched a movie the other day with Amy Jo Johnson in it and I was all like "Heyy it's Hepkitten".
You're so pretty! And what a cute cat.
fuck! why does everyone's hair grow so much faster than mine :(
i forgot to give you a present i have for you!!

thank you for inviting me to the parade. it was super fun.
I'm about due for a haircut myself. Did you see me at the parade last night? I was the tall guy in the middle of the street with a bunch of people.
no way that was you! i was the girl with the camera with the kids in the face paint! hehehe

let's hang out soon tho! i keep dropping the ball on comments but i have a shoot idea i wanna do in sf soon, you should come up and hang out with us for it!
also, do you irc? you should get on our mostly locals irc channel sometime
Is that your natural hair colour?
Beautiful. You and the kitty.