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crabby wave

crabby wave by hep
crabby wave, a photo by hep on Flickr.

hai @ all! you may have noticed that i have been even more mia than usual the last two days. dungeness crab season officially opened yesterday morning at 12am, and i have spent the last 4 days prepping gear, food, and supplies so we can do a solid 4 days straight of crabbing. so i will be busy at the beach pulling crab pots and snares for at least the next 72hrs if not longer. when we return from crabbaggeddon (hopefully tuesday night we will have pulled limits for all days and will be able to quit) i will return to my regular programming of commenting on your entries, but not posting very much hehe! until then hold down the internet for me!

and as an aside, thank you all for your lovely and sweet comments on my last entry. you are really all too kind!
i found the meaning of life
oh my god. i want to be a crabber by trade! so jeliz! plz be posting TONS of pics.
Re: i found the meaning of life
ahaha you and yuriy both. his goal is to eventually quit computers and buy a crabbing boat. maybe you can be the first mate! (i dont go on boats, that shit sinks! i saw titanic!) i will try and take pics but we are planning on pulling the traps and snares every 15mins which seems like a lot of time, but really means you are pulling up something every 2mins, baiting it, and throwing it back. yesterday i didn't even get a chance to get my camera out of the car hehe!
Re: i found the meaning of life
that is so unlike you. i would think the camera is the first thing you always reach for! oh well, pics of the loot will suffice.

yuriy and i crabbing. that sounds like a sitcom waiting to happen.

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Oh yum. So jealous. Please think of me when you're chowing down on that crabaliciousness.
That is super cool! I would love to go crabbing sometime, though I'm kind of bummed that Carl doesn't like seafood. Still. I think it would be pretty awesome.
Have fun! I would give anything to enjoy some fresh crab! YUM!