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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

out of the frying pan

out of the frying pan by hep
out of the frying pan, a photo by hep on Flickr.

a good friend of mine and a fellow photographer, tattooedlady, through no fault of her own is stranded in dubai with little to no money to last her and her family the next couple months. due to a series of events ranging from mere inconvenience (the whole "new job paycheck lag" situation which will delay their first paycheck until after the new year) to aggravating incompetence (not on their part, a series of fuckups by uncaring administrators in the completions of their visa led to them having to pay hundreds of dollars more in fees and taxes on top of the usual hidden fees that you don't find out about until the last minute) to outright maliciousness on the part of their former employers (refusing to pay for the last several months of contract work which they are unable to litigate for because of having to move across the continent. add to that friends and family who have borrowed from them in the past refusing to pay back anything owed.) they are left with a very limited amount of cash which needs to be used to feed and house them until after the first of january. on top of all this, they are not merely moving jobs, but moving their entire family from japan to dubai. not only does this limited amount of cash mean that the kids won't have very much for christmas, but even more heartbreaking it means that unless the family can come up with $1700 within the next few days all of their possessions in their storage units back here in the us will be auctioned off for non-payment. all of their family photos, all of my friend's photography archives, all of their treasured possessions. you can read more details of her situation in her livejournal post about the situation.

so, to help i propose a print firesale! if you can donate just a few bucks to my friend, i will reward you with lovely prints! suitable for framing for xmas gifts! look lovely on your walls! i have funny stuff which can be made into amusing cards and postcards! so if you can donate $5, I will send you 2 4x6 prints of the image of your choosing! if you can donate $10 I will send you a 5x7! If you can donate $20 I will send you an 8x10! and if you can donate $50+ I will send you a giant wall poster print (dunno the size, it depends on which image you choose.) some of my stuff isn't suitable for printing large, or i have lost the large sizes (i am a bad archivist) but we can work something out in either more prints of other images, or something else. her paypal is:


I have lots of pretty things! you can see all of my collections or all of my sets for things that you like, or take a look at my tumblr. Also if you don't find anything you like or are looking for, ask me if i have shot [x] thing because the likelihood is that i have, it's just not online because i am also a lazy editor! also there will be no watermark on the prints, that is just something that lightroom autoadds when it exports items to flickr and tumblr so i don't have to individually watermark every image. because i sell a lot of microstock i reserve rights on a lot of photos, so i watermark them on the internet to make it easier to enforce copyright if someone steals it. the original digital files have no watermarks. feel free to spread this around too, xmas is coming and prints make excellent gifts! i sure do like exclamation points!!!


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