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Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for the children, Yura, my family, the pets and livestock, my friends, my health, my career, and my life which i love. However we should take a moment to reflect on this:

Today is Thanksgiving Day. I proudly stand up with and for those people who today continue to be oppressed and taken advantage of. The poverty rate of Native Americans nationally is 25%, and on some reservations the unemployment rate is 69% or more. Utility companies still continue to refuse to run services on reservation lands, keeping people in abject poverty and third world conditions, sometimes with little to no access to basic utilities such as running water or sanitation. Rape on reservations is at an all time high, with the vast numbers being perpetuated by outsiders and non-reservation dwellers, and an overwhelming majority of these cases are ignored or outright refused investigation and prosecution by state and federal authorities. 1 in 3 native women will be raped in their lifetimes. These abuses are still on-going, these people are not gone, you can make a difference by writing your senators and congressmen telling them to stand up for native rights and to investigate continuing abuses against Native people, or by joining with the many charitable organizations that work with Native causes.

relevant links:
American Indian College Fund: http://www.collegefund.org/
The American Indian Heritage Foundation: http://www.indians.org/
Native American Aid: http://www.nrcprograms.org/site/PageServer?pagename=naa_index
Native American Heritage Association: http://www.naha-inc.org/

Also apparently this link needs to get thrown around the internet again, based on all the images i see on tumblr:


Today while we are all being thankful, let's spare a little thought and consideration to those who selflessly helped our early ancestors make it through the cold hard northeastern winter, and we repaid them with wholesale slaughter and smallpox blankets.

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