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hello @ lj! no time for a real post, but i figured i would give you all this glimpse into the creative process of photography. i am currently working on this series of covered bridges that i want to shoot. part of the prep is to work up some lightroom presets and test images to see how to go about shooting the subjects i want to capture the exact look i am visualizing. the below image is the general look i am going for, a very dark, blue toned creepy foggy forest look.

once i started shooting tho, this is the light that i ended up liking the most. i used some blue gelled offboard flashes to throw more highlights on the bridge railings. i cooled the white balance to bring more of a cool tone to the image as a whole.

once i got home and brought the images into post-production this is where i ended up. warming the image up and bringing the tone more green made the whole image feel more like lost summer, which i felt worked better for this particular bridge.

i still will shoot the covered series how i was originally intending. but this is a neat look at how the creative process can go into unexpected directions and bring you interesting and beautiful results.
Love it! So beautiful and alluring! Can't wait to see what is going to end up on the bridge!
That last one is stunning. I would frame it and hang it on my wall. I can't wait to see the rest of this series.

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Also these are gorgeous. I would buy a giant print of the altered one at the botom and hang it someplace that needs a window because we all need something anticipatory to look at. :)
these stir up feelings, hep! i think i need a print

Gorgeous, I love the last one. <3

I'm not sure if you saw my entry (because I screwed up the coding), but I got your gift exchange a few days before Christmas. :D Thank you ever so much for everything that you sent, the boombox, bracelet and jingle bells have already gotten some good use. And it was SO THOUGHTFUL of you to send the pinky place-holder! Thank you ever so much again, it meant a lot to me. :D <3
omg thank you too! i got yours and it was AWESOME! i love the necklace! the kids promptly stole the candy and the felt froggie thing and made it for me. i keep meaning to post thank yous to everyone, but it's all part of this big xmas wrapup post that i keep planning but have no time for! i am glad you liked everything!
I use dual monitor at work, and was amused by how utterly different it turns out when I drag it between the two!
Left monitor - Bright, green, sunny
Right monitor: more distinct blue tones, slightly eerie.