pacman inkee


still too busy to update. tonight we drove around san francisco location scouting and maybe i took this video.
doesnt it? it totally felt like some late 1990s video to me, like maybe a piece of an underworld video or a aphex twin piece. we were taking car long exposures and then when i got home and was flipping through the images really fast i was like "this feels like a low budget music video".
if you guys come and have time i will give you guys a heptour of sf! i make an excellent tour guide
That would be awesome. Neither of us have ever been to San Fran. He's been to Yosemite but that's it. I've only been to SoCal. I want to see San Francisco, Sonoma and the Redwoods!! Probably going to be a really expensive trip but we've been saving in our vacation fund and I think we're going to break into it for our trip this year!
well, when it comes time to book ask me for advice. i know all the best deals. also if you can go during the winter. people come here in the summer and it's just the same temp, but foggy all summer so it sucks. right now its 65F every day and gorgeous. everything is empty. all the places to eat are easy to get into. sf in the fall and winter is the best secret around.