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lol grep by hep
lol grep, a photo by hep on Flickr.

my kitty is really sick. she collapsed with an acute kidney episode thursday and has been at the vet busy racking up bills for me ever since. but she is doing way better. in fact the vet can't believe her turnaround. he wants to keep her until monday because she is so good natured and wanting to please that he is convinced she still doesn't feel good and is hiding it because she likes all of the staff.

so i have been busy! both placating the rest of the cats, transporting grep back and forth between the day vet and the night er vet, and trying to corral all of the xmas crap in this house back into the respective boxes. BUT! if you want to find me on facebook i tend to at least check in there once a day to rant about whatever has made me angry on the internet. hope you are all doing well and that i have more of a chance to update soon!

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Poor kitty! But I'm SO glad she is doing better now! Very relieved. She is beautiful. I want to cuddle her.
thank you! yeah i didn't want to post over here while things were up in the air, because then i didn't know when i would have time to update. i hate making people worry, especially over something like a cat, but she really is my 4th baby. i love the other cats too, but she is the one that is most mine/like me.
Poor little kitty, I'm glad she is doing better and that she gets to come home soon.
thanks you! it's funny, when i called the vet this morning i heard her in the background complaining at him like she does at home. i bet she was like "when can i get out of here?!" hehe!
Poor kitty! I hope she's better soon. BTW I just sent you a friend request on fb if you're wondering who it's from...
Poor little Grep! Hope she feels better! Kidney cats do tend to do the death's door <--> amazing recovery thing. But esp. with subcu fluids they can live a long time.
no, but thanks! it's funny, i had just finished refilling the "pet emergency fund" when she got sick. i was so proud for like a week! but that's what it is there for, of course now i'm gonna have to hustle up a couple shoots and fill it back up.
My thoughts go out to you and your kitty! My husband's family cat had some serious kidney problems (to the point that one shut down completely and the other became absolutely enormous), but he was able to pull through. He has to be given water via IV a few times a week now, but otherwise he is completely fine and it has been almost 10 years since then. I hope Grep comes out in even better shape. :)
She is so pretty! I am glad that she is doing better!

I will add you on FB once I get an account created. :D
Gorgeous kitty! I'm glad to hear she's doing better. Hopefully she'll be home soon. <3
Awww poor kitteh!
I hope she feels better real soon <3
Yay for her recovery. I really, really hope she continues to get better. ♥
I'm so sorry your kitty is sick, but I'm glad she's doing so much better. She's beautiful.
I am so glad Grep is getting better Hep! My vet once joked that my younger cats are just laying in wait to give me grief like the older ones. This past month it was THYROID CAT having radiation therapy and living in a facility for 10 days while we watched him look pathetic on his kitty cam from his kitty cottage. I called it CAMP RADIATION. Now everything he touches and uses has to be cleared out by a haz mat team like some superpower. I also live with bladder stone and kidney stone dog and cat, ligament torn parrot. It's like they are playing a game called MOST COSTLY INJURY. You know how it is, just when things go smoothly, you start to wonder...WHO IS NEXT?
i know right?! grep and awk are always running neck and neck for most expensive cat. luckily the rest of the animals sort of don't get into too much medical trouble.