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Writer's Block: School Ties

What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

photography. i don't use anything i learned in school even tho i am still a photographer. first off, the film to digi industry conversion knocked out half of my knowledge. secondly, the skills they teach you in a photography degree range from near useless to fully in an actual production environment. about the only thing i do that is the same as i learned in school is press the shutter button.
foreals? so all those photography classes offered by the community college are useless?
they are not useless for a couple of things. there are a lot of worthwhile composition classes. but they teach you a specific kind of artistic composition that is the opposite of production composition. my day usually consists of trying to fit photography INTO holes instead of breaking out of the box. for instance, last week i shot 200 corporate headshots, where the goal is for them to look as similar as possible and within the corporate design culture. a far cry from fine art composition where you are trying to make every photo unique.
I have come to the conclusion that all art degree's are useless and you never actually use most of the knowledge.
Well, I think there is definitely value to an art school education. In art school you're forced to deal with concepts and execution. You're also always in a position where the person teaching is sick of it and wants something new every single time. You're made to actually create things and ideas instead of reading something and spewing it out again. Art school means doing something novel and new and solving a problem. Standard BAs are usually reading a book and writing a paper on what they read. Art school is actually really different from that because the student is the one making a lot of the decisions about the material and its meaning and impact. If you can't continually push boundaries and evoke extreme responses from people, you won't make it.

In a more trivial light, I feel like I'm better equipped to decode pop culture because of years of art history. It creates a common language among producers of everything from the Simpsons to whatever modern poetry is being hailed as the next thing.
Yeah I didn't get any of that out of art school. I didn't expect them to like my work but it's really annoying when you bust your ass and they gush over a splash of paint on a canvas. I got two amazing teachers my junior year but it wasn't enough to keep me going to art school, I ended up changing my degree because of how terrible of an experience I had. Also my art history classes were terrible and basically was identify that piece of art and what time period is it from and who painted it and such.
I have a BFA in photography too! The best part is that I went to the awesome urban-style Ga State Univ to get it. Not an art school, although they had an accredited graduate program for fine arts, but it was like this one little building in a sea of high rises devoted mainly to MBAs and tech students. I hated it. The whole was terrible. The amount of photo jobs I've done for money is about 5. And those were all while I was in school, trying to make a little money doing business portraits or commercial advertising type stuff. So horrid. Now I use my iphone all the time and I love it. I take pictures of my dog and my manicure. Minipixel is the best!

I majored in Computer Science and work as an IT consultant for custom development, so I don't use anything I learned in college either.
Pure math for me. I do use it, actually. I do math curriculum (print, software, video) for schoolkids. That doesn't *actually* need a math BA, but there's no doubt I know more about school math b/c of my degree. It's an odd feeling, to feel like you've forgotten more than you ever knew in school.

You could also say I use it b/c at parties it's awesome to tell people my background - their looks of blank dismay are hilarious. And then if someone *isn't* dismayed and *doesn't* tell me how much they hated math, at least I'll have someone to talk to for awhile.
i am a dork because i loved math. it always makes sense! there is very little subjectivity in math! writing was a whole different story
I started out at a fancy (by local standards) art school trying to get a degree in vocal performance. I wanted to be a pop star. As it turns out, no chops... so I left there and went to the local Jesuit University and got an accounting degree because it was the only thing that was easy for me. I have been an accountant for 22 years now - even went back for an MBA. Ordinarily I would talk about how the work sucks out my soul, but really, because it is still easy work for me I just pretend it didn't happen - I am very compartmentalized. I do my real work at home with my kids and dogs and putting on very small concerts in my car on the way to and from work. When the kids are out of school, I might just go back to school so I can be a music teacher for the last few years of my working life.