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Writer's Block: School Ties

What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

photography. i don't use anything i learned in school even tho i am still a photographer. first off, the film to digi industry conversion knocked out half of my knowledge. secondly, the skills they teach you in a photography degree range from near useless to fully in an actual production environment. about the only thing i do that is the same as i learned in school is press the shutter button.
I have come to the conclusion that all art degree's are useless and you never actually use most of the knowledge.
Well, I think there is definitely value to an art school education. In art school you're forced to deal with concepts and execution. You're also always in a position where the person teaching is sick of it and wants something new every single time. You're made to actually create things and ideas instead of reading something and spewing it out again. Art school means doing something novel and new and solving a problem. Standard BAs are usually reading a book and writing a paper on what they read. Art school is actually really different from that because the student is the one making a lot of the decisions about the material and its meaning and impact. If you can't continually push boundaries and evoke extreme responses from people, you won't make it.

In a more trivial light, I feel like I'm better equipped to decode pop culture because of years of art history. It creates a common language among producers of everything from the Simpsons to whatever modern poetry is being hailed as the next thing.
Yeah I didn't get any of that out of art school. I didn't expect them to like my work but it's really annoying when you bust your ass and they gush over a splash of paint on a canvas. I got two amazing teachers my junior year but it wasn't enough to keep me going to art school, I ended up changing my degree because of how terrible of an experience I had. Also my art history classes were terrible and basically was identify that piece of art and what time period is it from and who painted it and such.