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Writer's Block: School Ties

What is (or was) your college major? Do you use it for your career?

photography. i don't use anything i learned in school even tho i am still a photographer. first off, the film to digi industry conversion knocked out half of my knowledge. secondly, the skills they teach you in a photography degree range from near useless to fully in an actual production environment. about the only thing i do that is the same as i learned in school is press the shutter button.
they are not useless for a couple of things. there are a lot of worthwhile composition classes. but they teach you a specific kind of artistic composition that is the opposite of production composition. my day usually consists of trying to fit photography INTO holes instead of breaking out of the box. for instance, last week i shot 200 corporate headshots, where the goal is for them to look as similar as possible and within the corporate design culture. a far cry from fine art composition where you are trying to make every photo unique.