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this was a weekend. actually for the past few months, all of my weekends have been epically busy. i am tired of being so busy. hopefully in the coming weeks i can slow it down a little and quit shooting at 120%. i shot these things:

in other news, finally after 11yr of waiting i got when i first signed up for lj, someone had regged the acct a month before then abandoned it. thanks SUP overlords for purging 10yr+ inactive accts!
thank you! i know what you mean about the clothes. these girls are so fantastic, if i tried to dress like that, it would look like i was playing dressup. but they can put this stuff on and not look out of place even just walking down the street. im always amazed!
Really nice work, these are stunning. How much was on-set and how much was retouching? It reminds me a touch of Crewsden's work on the ads for Six Feet Under.
the lighting and tonal value is all onset. i was shooting against the sun which was a pain in the ass, but i just slaved up like 10 flashes to overpower it.

i ran three kinds of editing. 1. a blue/green cross-process vintage look, plus portrait skin softening. 2. a muted brown/amber vintage processing, again with portrait skin softening. i was going for the tobacco filter feel there. and then 3. a low saturation, high sharpen hardening. more of the sin city effect. the tobacco filter and the sin city look are the two things i usually process steampunk under. this is what stuff looked like straight out of the camera, i think i just cropped this for straightness (i was standing on a wide variety of unstraight surfaces for a lot of these):

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