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zaney birthday!

zaney birthday! by hep
zaney birthday!, a photo by hep on Flickr.

happy 13th birthday to zane! now we have 3 full-fledged teenagers in house. when i walk off to go live in a tree, don't anyone pretend they didn't see it coming.

also congrats to zoe who took 2nd place in the 1000meter backstroke, 3rd in relay, and 5th in breaststroke!

Aww, happy birthday to her!

Wow- three teenagers!! You are ... amazing! :)
ja, like most kids she has been taller than me since 6th grade. zane still isn't taller than me, a fact we tease her about constantly. but she only has like a half inch to go. zoe is like 5'6" now, it's crazy.
you and me both man. the worst is when the super tall kids pass you in like 5th grade hehe
Happy birthday to Zane! (that cake looks delicous, what is it?!)

And congrats to Zoe, that's awesome!
Wow. Having a baby never scared me, but having teenagers sure does. Three! Good luck with that sanity thing.
happy birthday zaney! i don't know how you do it but just so you know, i look up to you as a mom :) no pressure or anything.
Eek! Happy b-day to Zane! (And my condolences on your latest addition to the gang of teenagers :p )
That is such a charming birthday photo, I like her expression, something in between sad and ready.
yeah, we were kind of being dicks and sang happy birthday in 4 languages before we left her blow it out hehehehehhehehe