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Writer's Block: Old School

Which classic arcade game was always your favorite as a kid? When you come across an old Galaga, Donkey Kong, or Ms. Pac Man machine (whatever your favorites were), do you still like to toss a quarter at them to take one more shot at the high scores list?

duh galaga (pacman is a close second.) and yes, whenever i am around a galaga machine (i know every single one in sf, and most of the pacman machines) i take a run on the high score (and probs 90% of the time beat it). it's a little known fact that i mostly won't go to a bar unless there is a galaga machine. it has to be a seriously special reason to get me to break that rule. (also shouts to burgertime, my 3rd fav).
I love Galaga. I've always sucked at Pac Man.

Actually, I suck at Galaga, too (as well as most arcade games), but still not as much as Pac Man!
pacman is harder because you have to keep all four ghosts, where they are now AND where they will be, in your head along with where you will be. it's kind of a pain. galaga you really only have like 3 variables at a time to worry about (where the ship is now, where it's spinning to, and where the bullets will be which are all initiated from the same point, not independent variables) along with yourself. plus i love the patterns of galaga. i know them all up to like stage 20.
i love defender too. it's probably my fourth or fifth fav (i love me some donkey kong orig). but since we had a defender machine in my house as a kid, i got super bored of it because i can wrap the game almost every time. it's still super fun tho.
Centipede is my forever number one. Defender/Asteroids/Tempest all tie for second place.
My husband is the same way about galaga. Years ago when my niece was in town, I treated him and her to a night out and bought something like $25 dollars on cards at a place called Jillians. In the amount of time it took my niece and I to blast through the entire $25, cash in our tickets, and get our prizes, D had paid for 1 game of galaga and was still playing it. I think he still has the card with the remaining cash on it since we haven't gone back there in so long.

I use the galaga music for his ringtone. lol
the start up sound? thats a fav of mine, i use it for certain people too hehe!

yeah i am the same way. i usually spend like a dollar to play at the bars for like 2hr. the rest of my friends spend like $10. my problem now is that since i don't play every day anymore (my ex has a galaga tabletop) my wrist gets crazy tired after like 15mins, then my timing suffers hehe. i still remember all the timing tho!
Yeah, I love the start up music! It suits him so perfectly I will always identify him by the ringtone.

I use to be that good with shooters. I could spend all day on the old T2 game that had the machine gun but I bet if I tried it now I would totally fail out much faster for the same reason. That and I don't remember the name now but the shooting game where you were a cop and had to shoot bank robbers and guys out on the street. I remember it had a blue and pink gun and I remember what it looked like but I don't recall the name.