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hi new friends! (and old patient friends who haven't dropped me for being massively idle!) i have an intro tag which contains useful information, but the most important post is probably this one which contains all of the relevant info for my very confusing personal living situation. add 2 yrs and give or take a few animals to that writeup.

what have we been up to? well a few weeks ago we headed up to visit demure in redding for the big solar eclipse. it was very fun. we met many rednecks. yuriy found his bff, the dos equis guy (his pinatas fight back!) people in redding park like dicks, but their cheeseburgers are only $2.99 so it makes up for it. i have lots of real pics but i am like months behind on editing so it will be awhile before i get to anything that isn't taken from my phone.

the eclipse itself was awesome. we went up by whiskeytown lake which was full of nerds with telescopes and cameras. some guy tried to teach me about photography. this always happens to me. don't even get me started about how whenever i show up with evan as my assistant to shoot something, people will inevitably talk to him first assuming he is the photographer. hopefully someday i can photo a total solar, this one was a really fun annular tho. a+ would photo again.

my 2nd favorite bridge (after the bay bridge which is much prettier) had a birthday this last weekend. we spent sunday at the festival. the ironworker tables were staffed by half of my family, and those i wasn't related to by blood i was related to by marriage. the breaks of being like 5th generation in an all ironworker family.

the fireworks show was AMAZING. the cool thing was, during the 50th annv fireworks show (for which i was lucky enough to be on the bridge itself because my dad was working on bridgecrew at the time) ended with a golden fireworks cascade off the side of the bridge, and this time they started with it. this year we were lucky enough to all be out on a sailboat on the bay right in front of the bridge. pics to come if i ever get time to edit the non-work ones. the show was gorgeous, i highly recommend everyone watch:

this week evan and zoe have been out of school. we have been making a lot of yummy dinners and whatnot. yuriy has been making crepes for dessert almost every night (he is a crepe master, altho they don't call them crepes, in russian they are blinchiki) we mostly have been giving evan an easy week after his major AP year, and zoe has been spending most of her time working out for summer swim team at the local pool and volunteering at the middle school. these kids, get them out of school and they demand to go right back!

tonight was zane's open house at school. they only have 5 days total left then she will be out for summer too. she has really been doing so well this last month, really getting her organization together and working on her executive direction skills. which is good because immediately on school getting out both girls start 2 days a week at the zoo. zoe is in the process of bleaching her hair out white. tomorrow we do the last bleach round and then tonar it. i am totally not doing her roots when it is time, so much hair ;(

this is a pic of baby zoe and tiny evan. zoe is holding my FAVORITE toy from when i was little, it was a plastic playskool camera that would spit out plastic "photos" that "developed" into pictures when wet (you put water in a small reservoir in the camera and it would brush it on the "photo" as it pushed it out). pretty sure this + viewmasters started my love for photography. because of these toys i fondly remember making my dad buy me a million shitty kids 35mm and 110 cameras and wasting countless rolls of film trying to shoot. i miss this camera toy! i want another one!

How you guys all manage to live together and co-parent is awe-inspiring. Mad props, because that is super awesome for the kids all-around.

Obligatory "YURIY IS HOT".

Your kids are awesome. And all these pics are making me want to plan a meet-up trip out to SF.
<3 thxu and you should DEFINITELY come it would be so fun. SO FUN!
i love the Emma Stone look that Zoe reminds me of. Narmmmmmmm Yuriycrepes!
ooo emma stone, that is a good one. we have been calling her Lilo for a couple days now, it's pretty funny. you wanna make a teenage girl mad, you call her lindsey lohan hehehehhehe
Emma Stone has a big forehead but she gets to have a romantic scene with Andrew Garfield so she wins at life.

Calling someone "Lilo" is def an insult.
I want those crèpes right now. OMG. My MIL makes fantabulous crèpes but they are 500 km away and so far my chum has shown no interest in making them so I am totally deprived :(
they are so easy to make too!! i always thought crepes were hard, but making the garnish and filling stuff is always the harder part! yuriy will sneak into the kitchen and whip up a batch in like ten mins when i think he is making a drink or something!
I was born and spent the first 7 years of my life in French Gulch, which is right there by Whiskeytown Lake.
You think the Bay Bridge is prettier? Interesting- I don't think I've ever met anyone who thought the Bay Bridge was pretty.
I can't believe how grown up your kids are! I bet Russian crepes and Hungarian crepes are the same.