lollin <3


i can't help it tho. i grew up 1mi from candlestick my whole life, my dad built att park, and i worked in its shadow for 5yr. how can i help but love the giants (but hate all the people who drive to giants games FUCK THAT TRAFFIC!)

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tho i CAN see the coliseum from my front window, so i have a big soft spot for the A's. plus who didn't love $10 nosebleed A's seats growing up. it was so much nicer than freezing cold sleet games at the stick D:
Oh, I don't even care that much about baseball to begin with. I just can't help having an East Bay bias- I was born here!
we are winning the horse race and might be in the supergoal sporting match on big sport throwball day.
it's amazeballs when the crowd takes over the streets of SF.