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me and yuriy at our friend's halloween party last night. our friend joe set up a photo booth and we were rockstars so you know how it goes. yuriy and i came up with this costume at 3pm yesterday afternoon before the party, so don't knock us for lack of creativity. fyi that is a flask in my pocket, i am not, in fact, happy to see you.
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so axl and slash were making out in the photobooth? that's every gnr fan's wet dream.

owning a top hat can be handy i guess. i still don't think axl will be caught wearing a ramones shirt but i could be wrong.
WOW. He knows his Axl! albeit I remember him wearing a 'KILL YOUR IDOLS' tshirt and Spin was all "it's 'yr' Axl". all I'm saying is, what a fucking fraud Real Axl is.
srsly real axl is so dum. yuriy really wanted to go as suicidal tendancies and i was like dude, NO ONE will know that. everyone remembers their album artwork and not the band! it's iron maiden syndrome all over again!
LOL you're right. i remember all the words to Institutionalized but really not how the band looked like.
Dang, I was kinda skimming and I thought this was gonna be a link to Axl and Slash making out.