pacman inkee

hi guys

i love my job by hep
i love my job, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i took a break from lj since april. i needed to figure out how to reorg my life a bit better. it hasnt worked, but i miss you guys. catch me up on what i missed? point me out to any posts with must-have info? im gonna try and reread back, but i assume i will miss a ton.

i think you having a baby might have been one of the last things i saw!
I decided on the local dev bootcamp and GOT IN, will be starting in September. My Uncle has some special magical tax thing called a 529 plan; he made me the beneficiary, so the program is paid for and I have cash to live on until job placement.

Gone through a dude or three.

Have fully acknowledged that my old career is no more, and have started processing what that means for my self-identification relevant to FB, activism, and other parts of my life.

Moving in with a Brian that isn't my ex and my girl Colleen in a few weeks.

Took 3 weeks of Anatomy and dropped the class.

Miss you here!
found out my whole entire relationship with Todd was a huge lie and deception.

haley turned 18 and graduated and bought a Jeep

thats about it LOL
I got good grades mostly. I think most other things are status quo since April or I've talked about on fb.
Gonna be in your area in about a month.

Gonna move to around your area when my lease is up here in PA (March...maybe April).

Broke up with dude.

omg we should hang out!!!!

boo breaking up. but yay we can go out when you come here to cool bars and clubs!

i've been busy as usual. EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH! i need a secretary for life.
WE SHOULD. I'm actually going to be staying in a guest house in Berkeley, but getting into SF shouldn't be too big of a deal...depending on how the BART strike goes since I'm currently not planning on renting a car.
Good to see you! Not much going on here, just waiting on baby. Anything we should know about? I guess you will post about things soon!
lets go on an in and out run soon.

my bike is out of commission until i can afford to fix the rear wheel.