pacman inkee

hi guys

i love my job by hep
i love my job, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i took a break from lj since april. i needed to figure out how to reorg my life a bit better. it hasnt worked, but i miss you guys. catch me up on what i missed? point me out to any posts with must-have info? im gonna try and reread back, but i assume i will miss a ton.

I decided on the local dev bootcamp and GOT IN, will be starting in September. My Uncle has some special magical tax thing called a 529 plan; he made me the beneficiary, so the program is paid for and I have cash to live on until job placement.

Gone through a dude or three.

Have fully acknowledged that my old career is no more, and have started processing what that means for my self-identification relevant to FB, activism, and other parts of my life.

Moving in with a Brian that isn't my ex and my girl Colleen in a few weeks.

Took 3 weeks of Anatomy and dropped the class.

Miss you here!