pacman inkee

hi guys

i love my job by hep
i love my job, a photo by hep on Flickr.

i took a break from lj since april. i needed to figure out how to reorg my life a bit better. it hasnt worked, but i miss you guys. catch me up on what i missed? point me out to any posts with must-have info? im gonna try and reread back, but i assume i will miss a ton.

omg we should hang out!!!!

boo breaking up. but yay we can go out when you come here to cool bars and clubs!

i've been busy as usual. EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH! i need a secretary for life.
WE SHOULD. I'm actually going to be staying in a guest house in Berkeley, but getting into SF shouldn't be too big of a deal...depending on how the BART strike goes since I'm currently not planning on renting a car.