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I stole this meme from tessibean so hopefully I will upkeep it.

My name is Hep. I look am 35yr old and I look like this:


I am a professional photographer in San Francisco. really I work as a second shooter for a bunch of other studios, then occasionally on my own contracts. I am a good photographer, but there are a lot of parts of my job that I actively hate, from the culture surrounding some of the areas I shoot in, to editing which is always the bane of my professional existence. I get to shoot some pretty cool stuff tho.

I have three kids, Evan, 18, Zoe, 16, and Zane, 14. Evan has graduated high school and is an astronomy/astrophysics major at CCSF. Zoe is a junior at the same high school I went to, she is on the Cheer Squad and currently doing the photography heavily lifting on the newspaper. Zane is a freshman at the same high school Evan went to, and she is in the process of adjusting to high school life, and high school timelines. Getting up at 530am is a huge shift for her (the kids go to high school 15+ miles away from us in a completely different town. Our town is extremely small, and despite having a grade school and middle school, the kids from here go to high school in another district.) since before school started at 830, and was only 6 blocks away.

I also have a full house of weird animals, and we live in a super wild rural area despite being 10mins from downtown sf, literally on the edge of a mountain right above the bay. It is not unusual to wake up to mountain lions or coyotes in the backyard. I am romantically involved with my lifemate, Yuriy, a russian ex-pat who works as a software engineer. he is super into fishing and brewing beer. i am super into photography and astronomy. collectively we enjoy camping and traveling all over california. We hope once Zane graduates to do a lot of traveling around the US, but for the next 4yr we are very firmly planted here.
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Wait, Yuriy's into both fishing AND beer? I thought you had to pick just one. Man, do I have A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO!
i know right? i constantly ask him if he knows what a cliche he is.
what a pretty lady. it's fun getting to know the person i've come to learn is sort of a household name on LJ.

consequently, i've decided to steal that pic to do a little introducing myself...