i did it for the lolz

down with pants! up with skirts!

odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE
31 July 1900
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i am a professional photographer living in san francisco.

hep: do you ever have days where like
hep: you have to force yourself
hep: not to climb a clocktower?
hep: cause i have that day every day
substitute: It's the spirit of the times. We are all lone gunmen now.

dis: ok, time for 5 questions
dis: you ready?
hep: uh
dis: stones or beatles?
hep: neither
dis: mac or PC
hep: neither
dis: brown or grey
hep: depends
dis: hmmmmm
dis: lemme guess
dis: electronic music and *nix,
hep: nope, and nope
dis: i'm lost. sorry
hep: If I had to listen to the 'classics' i would choose count basie or benny goodman, and for OS taste, I am much more specific: freebsd.
hep: And
dis: clarinet players?
dis: interesting
hep: And for brown or grey, it depends on the shirt.
dis: ok
dis: emacs or pico
hep: neither
dis: ok i believe that was strike 12. i'll stop now
hep: :>
hep: "vim"

I have been told I have two sides.

Turnoffs: bipedal motion, linear time, furries, children.
no russians*.

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